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16 Feb 2017 SANS 16001, Wellness and disease (including HIV and TB) management systems – Requirements. • Collection of Automotive Standards. • Collection of Dangerous Goods Standards. • Collection of Mandatory Standards for Vehicle Test. Stations. • Collection of standards relating to Lifts, Escalators and.
20 Oct 2017 National Standards. Standard for standards Part 1: The development of South African national standards and other normative documents. Standards for SANS 50312-4:1996. SANS 50312-5:1997. SANS 50312-6:1996. SANS 50312-7:1997. SANS 50312-3:1996. SANS 50312-1:1996. SANS 1-1:2012.
10 Nov 2015 Regulations, edition 16. Supplement to SANS 10228:2012 - Variations between SANS 10228. (aligned with UN Model Regulations, edition 16) and UN Model. Regulations, edition 17. Light-emitting diode products for interior lighting, streetlighting and floodlighting - Performance requirements. Information
Standards available in electronic format (PDF) October 2009 SANS Number Edition Title Vehicle security . platform ladders and shelf ladders Paint-rollers SANS 10143:1980 (SABS 0143) SANS 10144:1995 (SABS 0144) SANS 10145:2000 (SABS 0145) SANS 10146:2008 (SABS 0146) SANS 10147:2009 (SABS 0147)
SANS 1443. Motor vehicle safety: Door latches and hinges. SANS 1429. Motor vehicle safety: Strength of seats and their anchorages. SANS 50145-2. Respiratory protective devices - Self-contained closed-circuit compressed oxygen breathing apparatus for special use - Safety requirements, testing, marking. SANS 11014-1.
SANS 10087-4. The handling, storage, distribution and maintenance of liquefied petroleum gas in domestic, commercial and industrial installations Part 4: The transportation of LP gas including the design, construction, inspection, fittings, filling, maintenance and repair of LP gas bulk vehicles and rail tank cars. CKS 606.
Related Standards & Publications. SANS 1583. Refrigerant recycle equipment for the minimization of environmental pollution during the servicing and repair of automotive air-conditioning equipment. SANS 10372. Automotive fitment centres. SANS 1935. Automotive biodiesel - Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) for diesel
SABS 0143, SANS 10143, Building drawing practice / 1980, 1. SABS 0147, SANS 10147, Refrigerating systems including plants associated with air-conditioning systems / 2002, 4. SABS 0156, SANS 10156, The handling of chilled and frozen foods / 1979, 1. SABS 0173, SANS 10173, The installation, testing, and balancing
In 1990, the SABS published its first revision of its code of practice, SABS 0400-1990, which later became known as SANS 10400-1990. While these standards are not free (you can only purchase them from the SABS), the 1990 version of this standard is now available FREE here. In each of the parts featured on this website