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Technique. Step 1. Separate and tension the distal strands of the graft parallel to the tibial tunnel, ensuring that the strands are not twisted or crossed within the tunnel. Step 2. To separate and compress the grafts, introduce the appropriately-sized BIOSURE SYNC Dilator. Step 3. Insert the BIOSURE SYNC device into the
The BIOSURE family of interference screws incorporates the latest proven technologies to help deliver exceptional graft fixation in ACL reconstruction, whether your technique incorporates a single or double bundle reconstruction, fixating on the tibial and/or femoral side, or using soft tissue or bone-tendon-bone grafts, our
A Knee Series Technique Guide. Page 2. Page 3. 3. Introduction. The Smith & Nephew BIOSURE™ SYNC Tibial Fixation Device is an intra-tunnel device that provides superior tibial fixation with BIOSURE PK Screws (25 mm length) and is designed to accommodate a variety of arthroscopic ligament reconstruction
The procedures and techniques used to repair ligament tears in the knee continue to advance. Smith & Nephew offers repair The ACUFEX DIRECTOR APPLICATION Anatomic Guide is a software application that was designed to assist clinicians in . BIOSURE™ SYNC Tibial Fixation Device Fixation Device. Designed to
13 Jul 2010
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10 Mar 2013
158. The surgical technique used for the Biosure PK screw and Biosure Sync implants was as described by the. 159 manufacturer [21,22]. For the Interference screw technique, a 2.4mm guide wire was inserted into the centre. 160 of a biomechanical test block, this was then over-reamed with a 7mm drill to a depth of 30mm.
31 Mar 2017
12 mm x 35 mm. 72202282. BIOSURE Guide Wires. 7211137. Guide Wire, 1.2 mm x 9" Box of 5 Sterile. 7211138. Guide Wire, 1.2 mm x 12" Box of 5 Sterile. 72201201. Guide Wire, 1.2 mm x 18" Box of 5 Sterile. BIOSURE Drivers. 72201887. BIOSure Driver. 72201888. BIOSure ratchet Driver. (requires Part Number 7207707).