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so i need a good mobo to overclock an i5 4690k, i was thinking i'd get something like a gigabyte z97x gaming 3 but i thought i might as well get a second opinionbefore anyone says it no the asus z97-a
14 Dec 2014 I'm looking for a mobo (as cheap as possible) that will most likely yield the highest potential stable overclock using the 4690k/Noctua, I'm aware that overclocking can be a bit of a lottery as far as your CPU goes but would really appreciate the thoughts of those who have experience. Thanks. Last edited: Dec
Which motherboard to get for good overclocking option to i5 4690k? Gigabyte z97x-sli \ Gigabyte z97x gaming 5 \ Asrock fatal1ty z97 killer \ asrock z97 extreme4 \ asus z97-a \ Msi z97s sli plus? Please recommend and explain why. Thank you.
25 Jun 2015
I'm about to buy an i5 4690k and I was hoping someone could tell me what the best gaming motherboard for it would be. By "best", I mean best performace/value.
I would like a guide on how to overclock the 4690k step by step if possible. Also what most people are getting on max ghz?!
It's an Intel Core i5-4690K on an Asus Z97-A motherboard, with an 600-Watt ATX12V power supply. The cooler is a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. The highest temperature I've seen it reach up until now is around 60°C while playing Firewatch on max settings. The problem is, I tried using the auto tuner
28 Dec 2014
What is the motherboard for Overclocking i5 4690k to 4.5Ghz(I heard from people that this processor can easiliy overclockable to 4.5 with a good cooler) 3.Air Cooler or More about recommended motherboard overclocking 4690k 5ghz Just get ASUS Z97-A, it will overclock 4690k using AlSuite software.
Buddy just bougth a i5-4690K and ASRock Fatal1ty Z97X Killer combo. We were wondering what is the recommended easy/safe overclock speed we should aim for? He doesn't for this chip? 4.2? 2. Also can anyone recommend a good overclocking guide for this chip on an ASRock z97x motherboard?