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The Canon Speedlite 430EX II is a multi-feature flash unit for Canon. EOS cameras. It works automatically with E-TTL II, E-TTL, and TTL autoflash systems. . Manual flash output level. <&I>. Manual zoom. Flash exposure c o m p e n s a q r amount. Max. flash range. Aperture. Custom Function. cM> Manual flash 11 I.
On the earliest 35mm EOS cameras from the 1980s, TTL and manual exposure and rear sync work great, but the shoe lock, FEL (flash exposure lock) and HSS . The older Canon 420EX has essentially the same size, wireless ability, zoom range, power and features of the original 430EX (which is pretty much the same as
If you decide that you would rather set the focal length manually on autozoom models, you can use the zoom button or slider to select the Speedlite focal length Sensor size zooming. Canon's Speedlites, the 580EX and 430EX, introduced a new autozoom feature that optimises the flash output for EOS digital cameras.
This instruction manual assume that you are using the 430EX with a Type-A camera. For Type-B cameras, see page 35. Page 2 Friday, June 10, 2005 4:40 <d> Manual zoom. <c> High-speed sync (FP flash). <f>. Flash exposure compensation. <u> Custom Function. <r> Second-curtain sync. <q> Manual flash.
Speedlite 430EX II - Auto Zoom Inconsistency. Feb 2, 2010. Not sure why I haven't noticed this before, but with my above-mentioned speedlite attached to my 7D, sometimes it recognizes properly and goes into "auto zoom" mode, and then it won't. For example, today I pulled out the camera, mounted the flash, turned the
12 Mar 2015 The file is a manual (PDF file) for SPEEDLITE 430EX II. Caution. - Use Adobe Reader 6.0 or later version to view the PDF file. With Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.x, watermark text "COPY" is displayed on the PDF manual. You cannot open the file with Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.x or older version. - When printing
An "M" icon appears when the 430EX II is set for manual zooming. Press and hold this button for two seconds to toggle the flash from flash shoe operation to wireless and will stop blinking. (With most EOS bodies, this can also be set on the camera body.) Auto Zoom. By default the 430EX II will automatically adjust its flash.
12 Aug 2015
I have an XTi and recently bought a 430EX II flash for it. My problem is the Auto Zoom feature does not work. :confused: I tried searching the archives but didn't come up with anything. All the manual says is it's not attached to the camera securely. Any one experienced this problem ? Thanks, Jerry
See page 102. * This instruction manual assumes that the Speedlite is used with a. Type-A camera. Introduction. Wireless Flash Shooting. 430EX III-RT. 430EX III .. Manual Flash (p.34). G : Charge indicator (p.18). L : Automatic d : Manual (p.32) a : E-TTL II/E-TTL autoflash e. : Zoom display (p.32). N : Wide panel + bounce.