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This is a guide on completing the Iron Dragons slayer task in Oldschool Runescape. Recommended gear, food, potions and more helpful information.
31 May 2008
3 Jun 2009 Methods Melee is the least acurate, is the highest hitting, has the highest stat requirements, and is the second most profitable method. Range is the second most acurate, is the second highest hitting method, has the second highest stat requirements, and is the most profitable method. Mage is the most
22 Jul 2015
Don't use ruby, their gay and cost you hp, their only effective when the beast is at full hits. Replace Karils by D hide, or arma if you have 44-50mil just rotting in your bank, get a glory/fury and frogleather boots. Other then that you'll be fine. Range pots make it easier to kill them and stick to IRON dragons,
15 Mar 2015 The Metal Dragons. Metal dragons are considerably more challenging to fight than their chromatic cousins due to their very high defence and long-range dragonfire attack. However, with the right choice of equipment and tactics, it is possible to kill them efficiently and without taking a single hit. Below are
2 Apr 2011 [Inactive]Iron/steel Dragon Ranging Guide - posted in Content Camp Archive: Have you ever wanted to have a chance of getting upwards of 20 million coins? How about an awesome new shield? Well then, Iron And Steel Dragons are probably what you have been looking for! Iron Dragons are at the
I just got 70 range and I was wondering if I could do my next iron dragon task with this lvl? setup : * black d hide * archer's ring * glory *
2 May 2015
Players can choose to either go gung-ho with Prayer or pray occasionally with said armour choices. Also, Piety can be used in conjunction with Protect from Melee. The dragons' max hits are 12, 20, and 22 for Bronze, Iron and Steel dragons respectively, so it's wise to stay well above their maxes for good cushioning.