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Ready to submit. To give your manuscript the best chance of publication, follow these editorial policies and formatting guidelines. European Journal of Hybrid Imaging publishes the following article types: After acceptance, we provide support so your article gains maximum impact in the scientific community and beyond.
Author Guidelines. Reasons to publish in EJN. • EJN is a general neuroscience journal publishing articles on all aspects of neuroscience. • No editorial rejection issues of topical interest to the neuroscience community. Proposals for Neuro-Opinions are welcomed by the Editors-in-Chief. Back to Top. 3. Editorial Policies.
Author Guidelines. The Editorial Office of the European Journal of Neuroscience can be contacted at;. Editorial Office EJN, Dr. Sophie Gavarini, Institute of Pharmacology and . community, including, but not limited to, highlights, protocol videos, book reviews, biographies and interviews.
EJN is FENS Journal. FENS, EJN and Wiley (co-owner of EJN) collaborate to support several research awards and educational activities, thereby returning proceeds generated by EJN to the neuroscience community. EJN is free online to all the members of FENS societies.
ETHICS IN THE NEWS EJN Report on Challenges for Journalism in the Post-truth Era within media on the importance of ethical standards. The views of the authors are very much their own and do not necessarily reflect the settled policy of the EJN. .. users to create personal echo-chambers at the expense of information.
The American Journal of Community Psychology publishes original quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research; theoretical papers; empirical reviews; reports of innovative community programs or policies; and first person
The SC will encourage neurological specialty organisations to contribute to the guideline committee and to even co-author the guideline. 5. .. Finally the EJN is an attractive and entertaining journal which will flourish even more strongly when we join forces with the European Neurological Society in 2014 to form the
The Journal of Community Genetics is an international focal point for research in the ever-expanding field of community genetics, the art and science of applying medical genetics to human communities for the benefit of their
matters of parental responsibility, repealing Regulation (EC) No 1347/2000; c) EJN- Civil. ? Council Decision of 28 May 2001 establishing a European Judicial Network in civil and commercial matters; d) Case Law Court of Justice of the European Communities. ?. International Jurisdiction, Recognition and Enforcement